What is Interracial dating according to Asian woman who are open to dating?

by on March 18, 2016


Problems that are arising out of interracial dating are slowly vanishing among the dating community. Interracial dating has crossed many hurdles, but still there is a long way to go in totally accepting the interracial dating as a natural phenomenon. So many interracial couples have braved in the past to ignore the unpalatable comments and the sarcastic remarks that were bestowed on them mercilessly. It is a pity, to note that, still some people among the elite class who are well educated oppose interracial relationships and are blind to see what’s happening around them. Well, while this is a critical comment on interracial dating, the pattern of dating has matured in western and advanced countries, and in the conservative Asian countries it is yet to off take off in full swing. One of the major reasons that could be attributed to this could be the conservatism sowed in their minds for generations and the youngsters are trying hard to shake away the shackles.

People from the Asian community who are from diverse culture and background, at times, view interracial dating as a challenge to their well- being. Although, it is becoming common to see a person of Asian origin dating a person of another race, still you can hear from the Asian community that they think twice before accepting any opportunity to date a person from another race. They quote all kinds of reasons to support them by saying that “he/she is working at such place and distance and our schedules cannot match” but the real reason could be that the other person would be white, black or a Latino.. But, If you ask some of the Asians who are currently dating, they feel passionate about discussing the issue of race and their love.

The percentage of Asian women involved in interracial dating and Asian dating is growing. While the percentage of white men married to an Asian woman stood at 0.8 percent, it is a good sign to note that 1.4 percent of married white women have Asian spouses. When compared with the previous statistics, it appears that the more white men intend having Asian spouses than Blacks. However the way the percentage goes, still Asian women prefer Asians than marrying a white man. There still lingers some kind of misconception in valuing the Asian women-American men relationship, as some feel that it stems out of a need of visa in exchange of partnership.

Though in a very few cases it may be true, it would really hurt other Asian women who genuinely date a White man. Though it is a generalization that Asian society has not had as much feminism for as long as the whites, there is probably some truth in the generalization. All Asian women are not the same and with their exposure to different cultures they are more open to the idea of dating outside their race. As today’s world is ever diversifying, it would really make sense for more people begin to date outside their race without any tinge of racism in their minds.

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