Stupid things people tell about interracial dating

by on March 3, 2016


The taboo of interracial dating continues to engulf the society, despite the growing acceptance of interracial relationships across the globe. The Americas has witnessed multifold increase in the number of interracial marriages since the laws governing interracial marriages were scrapped in the late 1960s. Regardless of this, interracial couples are subject to baseless or rather rude remarks by a lot of people on a daily basis. Here are a few things that people tell about interracial couples.

“Interracial marriages don’t last long”

This is absolutely false. As a matter of fact, various studies have shown that divorce rates aren’t generally influenced by races. In fact, there is more to an interracial marriage than just two persons hailing from different races coming along and getting into a relationship. Interracial marriages are a learning experience and it you do get insights into what people belonging to diverse backgrounds believe about certain things. It not only makes you tolerant but also shows a completely different viewpoint on a host of issues.

“People in an interracial relationship fail to understand each other”

Quite contrary to this, individuals who get into an interracial relationship go the extra mile to understand their companion and this is certainly a very good thing from a relationship’s perspective. A relationship wherein the both the individuals make extra effort to understand each others’ ways of living lasts longer and there is always something to look up to. Given the fact that there is no monotony, the relationship is bound to last longer.

“Children born to mixed parents face the consequences”

It’s time to accept the fact that the United States is a multicultural society and kids born to mixed parents no longer face any discrimination from their peers. In the current world, race is no longer a deciding factor when it comes to relationships or friends, which is why kids these days don’t think twice before connecting with someone whom they find interesting. Some people also claim that mixed kids are sensitive compared to others. This is absolutely false and they are no different from other children both to same race parents.

When you’re planning to get into an interracial relationship or have already seeing someone who belongs to a different racial background, it makes no sense to pay heed to what others say. It has to be borne in mind that couples who are different from others are always subject to attention, which may not necessarily be a bad thing. If you share a decent chemistry with your companion, pursue the relationship and stop paying attention to what the world says about your relationship.

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